Independant VC-firm, investing within the fields of Energy, Advanced materials, Smart transportation and IoT.

“Aster capital involvement is a major opportunity for Lucibel to build fruitful partnerships with Aster’s corporate sponsors”

Frédéric Granotier - CEO, Lucibel, France

“We have been very impressed by Aster’s team reactivity and capacity to close quickly this investment. We are excited to have them as an investor…”

Tom van Aken - CEO, Avantium, the Netherlands

“Aster capital has been a superb resource for Ioxus, offering sage advice in energy technology space and opening doors for us
to customers in Europe”

Marc E. McGough - CEO, Ioxus, USA

“Aster Capital has been very active in helping Ecofactor connect to their strategic investors which is already producing valuable opportunities for the company”

Roy Johnson - CEO, Ecofactor, USA