Aster participated in April at a Roundtable on financing water organized by OECD-WWC-Netherlands

June 20th 2017

Aster was pleased to be represented by Gaëtane Suzenet at the inaugural meeting of the Roundtable on financing water organized by OECD, 12-13 April 2017. This event was co-organized by the World Water Council, the Netherlands and the OECD.

The missions of the Roundtable –expected to become a recurring event– are mostly:
– to diagnose the barriers and opportunities in securing finance for water infrastructure investments;
– to deepen understanding of the priority and context-dependence of addressing water security as a critical component of the SDGs;
–  to build understanding of the necessary policies and enabling conditions needed effectively to address these challenges;
–  to develop practical recommendations for action.

The Roundtable gathered around seventy participants including private investors, development finance institutions, bilateral donor agencies, government officials, NGOs and research institutions. A wide range of issues were discussed, with participants offering diverse perspectives on how to scale up investment for water security. On the inaugural meeting of the Roundtable, the sessions focused on different subjects:
– The gap between the economic case for investment in water security and the financial case;
– Financiers’ expectations and the water security investment environment;
– Converting the economic benefits of water security investments into financial returns;
– Scaling-up financing through an attractive risk-return profile.

A roadmap for the future of the Roundtable had also been decided. The further work will concentrate mainly on:
– Analysing policies and conditions that promote or hinder water security investment;
– Mapping financing flows for investments in water security;
– Seizing opportunities generated by innovation       ;
– The economics of blended financing for water security investments;
– The role of information in stimulating demand for investment in water security;
– Designing investment pathways that maximise water security over the long term.
Aster was pleased to share its experience and its expertise in the water domain, both from the point of view of the analyst and the entrepreneur.
More information can be found on here.