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Electric Bikes

Easybike is one of the largest European manufacturers of electric bikes. The company offers a wide product portfolio which has been enriched by recent acquisitions (Solex, Mobiky).

Easybike is based in Paris and was founded in 2005.

Why We invested

Trend – As urban mobility is becoming an increasing challenge for most city dwellers, new mobility modes are developing allowing smoother, greener and faster commute. In Europe and the US, electric-assisted bikes are one of the fastest growing options.

Strengths – Easybike is one the Western Europe e-bikes leaders. The company leverages a wide portfolio of strong brands (Solex, Matra, etc.) and models. In its French production site, the company produces quality and customizable bikes.

Development thesis – With Aster’s investment, Easybike closed the acquisition of their #1 competitor Matra. Now the company is focusing on the development of its high-end portfolio, and expands internationally. 

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Easybike - Succès de la relocalisation de son usine en Basse-Normandie

25 September 2015

Saint-Lô - 17 Septembre 2015 - France 2 - L'usine flambant neuve de vélos Solex et Matra est installée en Normandie. 38 salariés ont été embauchés. La région a prêté quatre millions d'euros