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Liquid cooling

Iceotope combines proprietary liquid cooling technology with industry standard IT hardware to drastically reduce the amount of energy required to cool datacenters.

Iceotope was established in 2008 in Sheffield.

Why We invested

Trend – The data center market is growing strongly and density is increasing, posing limitations to increase processors performance due to existing inefficient air cooling based infrastructure. Liquid cooling could be far more efficient and has way more cooling capacity than air based.

Strengths – Iceotope has developed a total liquid cooling solution that shows best in class performance in his category and could shape the future of the datacenter infrastructure space. Their solution allows to get rid of all existing cooling infrastructure showing very fast payback both from CAPEX and OPEX perspectives. It is also demonstrable that throw a better cooling with the Iceotope system the IT performance of the rack improves due to better cooling management.

Development thesis Aster Capital is helping Iceotope to accelerate their commercialization and to define an offer efficiently suitable for larger and sustainable deployments. Schneider Electric, world leader in datacenter infrastructure is engaged in delivering the future of datacenter cooling where Iceotope could play an essential role. Solvay is engaging with Iceotope to develop a more efficient and economical fluid and to take care of the product life cycle management.

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